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Frockabilly by Cherry Lisa is a proudly South African brand which was founded in 2011 and specializes in handmade hair accessories, brooches and clothing inspired by Pop Culture as well as the Pin Up, Gothic and Kawaii subcultures. The name, Frockabilly, derives from Cherry Lisa’s love of dresses and skirts while paying tribute to her love of the Rockabilly era. This has given the brand the unique ability to provide something for everyone- no matter their fan base/ fandom! Cherry Lisa prides herself on the fact that her brand is all inclusive, body positive and LGBTQIA friendly.

Cherry Lisa has been surrounded by fabric, needles and thread for as long as she can remember. Her mother, who was first and foremost a teacher, specialised in pattern making and sewing for her own bespoke children’s clothing label which she ran with her best friend. Cherry Lisa became the face of the company at 4 years old and has been modelling and creating ever since.

Cherry Lisa started modelling in 2008 and has since worked with both local and international photographers such as Kitty Bee from Johannesburg, South Africa and Sanne van Bergenhenegouwen from The Netherlands. While some may categorise her as solely an alternative model; she has proven herself incredibly dynamic with themes ranging from Pin Up to Boudoir all the way to Studio Ghibli-inspired outdoor shoots. No aesthetic is beyond her reach be it leather or lace! Her experience as a model has also made Cherry Lisa an incredible photographer and she often takes the Frockabilly campaign pictures herself.

Cherry Lisa founded Frockabilly by Cherry Lisa following a struggle with depression that lasted 3 years. She wanted an opportunity to use and share the creative skills she gained after studying graphic design at the Durban Institute of Technology and, of course, all she learned from her mother. Frockabilly has given Cherry Lisa the ability to heal through the creative process in a space where she can focus on beauty and art instead of sources of anxiety.

Frockabilly by Cherry Lisa is best known for laser cut bows and brooches which are a favourite and a staple at many conventions (Fancon, Rage Expo and Comic Con Africa). Coloured hair and accessories have stayed with Cherry Lisa since the 90s when the velvet grunge trend shifted to that of the scene kids- both featuring bows as statement pieces. Customers of all ages can now find their favourite anime, game or cartoon characters, as well as a range of Cherry Lisa’s own occult inspired designs. Each and every bow is hand stitched and each rhinestone is hand glued with care.  She acknowledges, however, that bows are not for everyone and so the characters are also available as brooches and collar clips. Nobody is left out!

In addition to her own designs, and those inspired by pop culture, Cherry Lisa also invites her clients to commission their own designs. The often unique orders allow her to try new things and develop new techniques. She finds these the most rewarding because the end result is not just her vision but one she got to share with one of her supporters. Equally rewarding is seeing a fabric of her design being worn by someone.

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic Cherry Lisa had begun the exciting journey of launching her own range of skirts. During the Lockdown of South Africa she felt the need to provide her customers with any help she could and quickly started to sew hundreds of masks which she sells online

Despite the challenges of being an entrepreneur and business owner in 2020, Cherry Lisa considers the support she received during this time to be what drove her to keep growing Frockabilly stitch by stitch. Until it is safe to hold conventions again, Frockabilly by Cherry Lisa will continue to operate online and you are invited to follow the journey on Instagram and Facebook.

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