It’s Frockaween!

Can you believe its nearly Halloween? 2020 has been a total rollercoaster for all of us, and I’d like to Thank You for sticking by Frockabilly and supporting me. 

Frockabilly has grown so much this year and thanks to your support I’ve been able to design, print and sew an entire Frockaween 2020 range. I have also added new brooches, hair accessories and face masks. 


Spotted my four beautiful NEW prints on Facebook and Instagram? Mystic Kitty, Dia Del Gato, Death Moth and Sally are all exclusive Frockabilly designs, for one of my favourite times of the year, Halloween!

Mystic Kitty is a pastel goth print with lilac and turquoise cats. While, Frockaween 2020s other kitty print, Dia Del Gato, was inspired by the Day of the Dead festival, which is a celebration of both life and death. A concept I absolutely love!

My other two prints, Death Moth and Sally, are both inspired by horror movies with cult-classic status. Death Moth is an edgy print with Death’s-head hawk moths, which was inspired by Silence of the Lambs. And, the Frockaween 2020 Sally print was inspired by one of my favourite Halloween/Christmas movies, The Nightmare before Christmas

Haven’t watched these classics yet? Add them to your Halloween movie list and shop the range!


Did Frockabilly change? Yes! I am super excited to announce a brand new look for Frockabilly. Studio Warburton had the task of creating a custom look that spoke to my love for Pin Up, Gothic and Kawaii subcultures, and my slight obsession with the Rockabilly era.

Hylton and Chantelle Warburton did an amazing job, and I am so thankful for their attention to detail and creativity. I absolutely love my cherry-bat logo. It sums me up in the perfect nutshell – a little sweet, a little sultry and a little dark. Plus, it looks a little like boobies!

I’ve been super busy in the sewing and crafting room lately, and this is why! I’ve just updated my Frockabilly stock to add four new categories for you to shop. 

Look out for my spring masks which include a fox print, a honey bee print, a cute mushrooms print and a watercolour succulents print. For butterfly-lovers, there’s a navy butterfly print, a lilac butterfly print and a bold red insect and butterfly print. I’ve also added two new Steampunk print masks to those who love the vintage post-apocalyptic vibe.

I’ve given you an extra treat this Halloween, (because 2020 has been awful for everyone) with three new Witchy brooches. Choose between a Hocus Pocus, a witches cauldron and a black cat brooch, or add them all to your growing collection.

And, finally, my Pride face masks! As an LGBTQIA friendly business owner, I believe in supporting a community who are still fighting for equality. So, be loud and proud with a Pride mask, or a Bi Pride mask.

Thank you once again!

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Lady Cherry Lisa

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