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This plush, hooded cloak is just what you didn’t know you needed in winter. It’s like wearing a blanket that makes you look fancy and mysterious at the same time. SHOP CAPES

I have always loved this strange little mythical critter so I created this watercolour painting, combining it with my love of the moon and turned it into a fabric print for this gorgeous skirt. SHOP NOW

Collar clips or cardigan clips made their debut in the 1950s and were created as a way to hold a girl’s cardigan on her shoulders. This dainty accessory works on collars, capes and jerseys alike. BUY THEM HERE

Back by popular demand, my Eat the Rude collar clips are the perfect accessory for the Hannibal fan and pair nicely with any item from my Death Moth range. EAT THE RUDE

It’s still important that we wear masks wherever it is required to do so. I’ve added an oil slick option to my iridescent masks to add opulence to any winter lewk. SHOP NOW

R10 of every Pride item purchased with still continue to help The Rainbow Phoenix Project shine their light. SHOP PRIDE

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