Magic Mushroom Collar Clips


In stock

Magic Mushroom Collar Clips – Laser cut from acrylic and hand finished. Clips have 3cm clamps on the back and a 15cm length of chain connecting the two.

Sweater clips, or cardigan clips, (also called sweater guards) made their debut in the 1950s and were created as a way to hold a girl’s cardigan on her shoulders. In modern times, it’s more commonly found to use the clips as an item of decor, rather than a functional item. Whether you’re looking to use them to avoid a wardrobe malfunction or not, you’ll look just plain adorable with one of these clips brightening up your outfit.

These Magic Mushroom Collar Clips can be worn on your cardigan, a shirt or blouse collar or even as a cape closure.
But please note that as my items are handmade, they are meant for decoration and not for heavy duty use.

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