Velvet Hooded Cape



Velvet Hooded Cape – This plush, hooded sleeveless cloak is just what you didn’t know you needed in winter. Made from a velvet/velour outer with a polar fleece lining, it’s like wearing a blanket that makes you look fancy and mysterious at the same time. The cape is secured at the neck with a button and loop closure.

The cape measures 65cm in length

Let’s be honest: the cape is not generally outerwear that one would normally reach for when considering what to put on in the morning. Long associated with swashbuckling crusaders and comic book daredevils alike, draping a piece of swoosh-worthy fabric over your shoulders can sometimes seem feel a little theatrical for everyday purposes. However, we shouldn’t forget that theatrics are an inherent part of fashion’s dramatic repertoire and perhaps we should reconsider the cape

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