The Frockaween Pre Launch Is Here!

With October sneaking up steadily on us, my exclusive Frockaween Boxes are now available online! These will be available from the 2nd of August 2021 until the 5th of September 2021. Boxes will ship out on a first come first serve basis, from the 25th of September. So you can rock your new items the WHOLE of Octoberween. 

Each box contains matching Frockabilly items created in the print of the chosen box, and are available in 3 sizes, depending on your budget. The three sizes are SMOL, SKATER and TEA and each box includes free shipping (yes, even the SMOL one)

All three boxes contain the following:
•    A Frockabilly printed face mask 
•    Matching scatter cushion with cushion inner included
•    Matching plain hair bow/bowtie
•    Your choice of either matching hair clips, earrings or collar clips
•    One never-been-done-by-Frockabilly-before matching mystery item (worth R180)

The SKATER BOX also includes a matching skater skirt and the TEA BOX also includes a matching tea-length skirt. Both skirts have the option to add adjustable suspenders, and the skater skirt comes with the option to add extra length to the bottom.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST –  If you are not into collectors boxes, HAVE NO FEAR – this is not the last you have seen of Frockaween. All items will be available to purchase individually at their full retail prices from the 25th of August 2021.

This beautiful Frockabilly exclusive print is made up of chubby cats and rich, orange pumpkins. What’s more Halloween than black cats and pumpkins?

Cherry Lisa is a huge fan of horror movies, in particular the 1935 film, The Bride of Frankenstein. This print is inspired by the look of the black and white motion picture, as well as the green colourized versions of both the Monster and Bride.

You voted in the Frockaween poll and The Witchery is back again! Thanks to everyone for your input! This print is made up of witchy illustrations including mushrooms, crystals, ruin stones, a moth and other cute witchy things.

This gorgeous baby witch occult-themed print is made up of pastel ombre planchettes, suns, moons and the galaxy.

If you love occult and witchy things, but ombres and colours are not your vibe, then this classic version is perfect for you. My Ouija print is a baby witch occult themed print, made up of planchettes, suns, moons and the galaxy.

Which of my other RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars fans fell in love with Pandora Boxx’s Sally Runway lewk? Create your own Clash of the Patterns look with my Sally skirt. Available in both skater and tea length, now on sale and nearly sold out! 

To make room for all the new awesome coming up, my face masks are all 15% off until August 31st. Vaccines are rolling out steadily and I commend everyone who has already had theirs BUT It is still important that we wear our masks when required.

All my masks are double-layered, with a 100% cotton, breathable lining for a cooler, more comfortable fit. Elastic is adjustable, and available in two options: Loop around the ears or loop around the head

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